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The Appstore and Playstore prevent app sharing so this process is a little more complicated but currently the only systrem we have for sharing it before a release.

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Further information about this can be found here at Unreal Engine, getting started on Android

Below is a demo for Android, however you will need a PC computer to install the .exe file onto your phone.

All cars are unlocked and the prices are cheap especially for you so you can test out all the parts.

  • Characters – Disabled
  • Performance – Disabled
  • Accessories – Disabled
  • Limited to 24 levels
  • Limited to 7 cars
  • Will not be updated

Step 1.

Enable Developer Options

While enabling Developer Options is done in the same way for every Android phone or tablet, OEMs don’t always put the option in the same place. Navigate your phone to the “Build number” portion of the settings, which can be tucked away and buried in submenus.

Here’s how to get there on a few popular devices:

Stock Android: Settings > About phone > Build number

Samsung Galaxy S5: Settings > About device > Build number

LG G3: Settings > About phone > Software information > Build number

HTC One (M8): Settings > About > Software information > More > Build number

Once you’ve found the Build number section of the settings, tap on the section 7 times. After two taps, a small pop up notification should appear saying “you are now X steps away from being a developer” with a number that counts down with every additional tap.


Step 2.

Enable USB debugging

+ check always allow from this computer.

Step 3.

Download and install game

Download the zip file to your computer and unzip

Open this file when your phone is plugged in and unlocked and you should see it install with this dialogue.

Once its installing you will see this box, it should close automatically when installed

If you get any errors or crashes please explain or show pictures and send to