You can download a test to run on PC for one car and one track.

Once you have tested the level please give your feedback in the comments below.

Use WASD keys to drive, ‘E’ to exit vehicle. Other controls in the Head Up Display can be used with the mouse.


Once you have downloaded, just unzip the folder and double click ‘Adventures.exe’

It is only 1 level and 1 car to test, we will release more every day.

The Simpson Desert is a large area of dry, red sandy plain and dunes in Northern Territory, South Australia and Queensland in central Australia. It is the fourth largest Australian desert and is the world’s largest sand dune desert.

Dry conditions make for an easy run, large rocks that may get in your way.  Weather should be fine, make sure you wear some sunscreen.

You can make any comment below, tell us if its too easy or difficult, too short or too long.  What other things would you want to be in the level?