TraxWorld - Prerelease now on Steam!

Open-world third-person game crossed with an off-road vehicle sim. Exit the vehicle in 3rd person, use character tools, collect items to sell from the pouch or collect your machines in the vehicle inventory. Mods, damage and dirtiness is progressive and lasting. Multiple stage releases.

“ The 4x4 starts the adventure so you can take it anywhere with every possible 4x4 mod you could want.”
Terrance Billard

Head Developer

The most realistic open world 4×4 experience on mobile.

The 4×4 is not just another vehicle, its a door way to a new world of adventure. Escape the concrete world and get back to nature!

Explore a handful of different Australian locations, terrain, plants, and epic 4×4 tracks.

Buy new vehicles and modifications with gold coins that can be purchased in bank, earn silver from high scores, perfect health and watching advertising content from our partners.

Test out handling and performance mods in different off road conditions with realistic physics and environmental effects.

More content and features regularly released in updates.

Aussie4x4 is a game with high-end graphics for modern mobile devices. We are producing the kind of features you would normally find on console and PC games to tablets and mobile devices.


Metallic colours and flake effects, glossiness and high-quality real reflections that respond to moving objects. Mobile dynamic light refraction enables light to pass through moving objects like glass.

Mobile HDR Lighting

Mobile HDR lighting using a combination of cgi and real-world imagery to create dynamic lighting and shadows.

Temporal anti-aliasing

Because pixels are square, this smooths the edges of round objects on screen. This feature will scale to suit your device.

Depth of Field

High-quality mobile depth of field has been made possible making it more visually immersive.

GPU Particles

Full GPU particle support on mobile, including vector fields, making it possible to have real life-like fire, smoke, dust, mud and many more amazing particle effects.

Dynamic Lights and Shadows

Until only recently has it been even possible to have moving lights and objects casting shadows on a mobile device. We have already brought all of this to you plus so much more, download a copy today!